Get inspired by simplicity – Understanding Geometric Graphic Design

As humans, we’re naturally inclined to observe and feel inspired by patterns in nature. Just going for a long walk on the beach or in the forest can inspire you with a vast array of beautiful shapes and forms. Some of

How Isometric Illustrations Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

It’s been reported that the average person can be exposed to 3,000-10,000 forms of advertisement in a single day. So how do you get YOUR piece out in front to grab people’s interest? From infographics to webpage hero images, t-shirts to

Custom Illustrations of your animal companions

Get Your Custom Illustration Now

We had the opportunity to attend the 2017 SLC VegFest and had a great time.

While we were there we offered Custom Animal Companion Illustrations to attendees with a portion of the proceeds being donated to great animal non-profits like Best Friends Animal Society and Utah Animal Rights Coalition.

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Boost Your Brand Identity with Low Poly Illustrations

The trend of low poly graphic design is far from waning, and with good reason. These types of illustrations may hark back to the times of earlier graphic design, but with a new modern revival, they are finding a new place in today’s world.

This technique is now often used for illustrations, logos, and graphics. It can be quicker to load in digital applications and can give your brand, site, advertisement or infographic a modern unique eye-catching look.

What are Low Poly Illustrations?

There are plenty of stock photos and illustrations on the web to use on your website, blog or mobile app, but thousands of people are using those same images.

To make your brand identity truly unique and really grab your audience, you need unique graphics that truly describe your brand and help you meet your goals.

You have several types of graphic design styles to choose from to accomplish this and our techniques will offer a lot of advantages to your brand, site or applications.

Low poly graphic design uses polygons to create digital images. The term low poly means that there are fewer polygons used, which creates a unique image that has more edges and really stands out on a website, infographic, advertisement or logo.

Our graphic designers use this technique to create images that integrate seamlessly with your website, app, or other marketing materials.

While some artists intentionally make low poly illustrations look blocky to follow the current trends, we can also make graphics that are nearly seamless and sleek.

So, why low poly graphics?

If you are not familiar with low poly graphics, just imagine early 3D computer & video game graphics, these tended to have a comparatively small number of polygons. The simple geometric shapes are definitely one of the reasons why you should use low poly technology.

Low poly art graphics are a unique method of 3D modeling in computers. This style can be realistically created for use in 3D environments or it can be mimicked and used in 2D environments.

By altering the color & shading of the polygons we are able to achieve a result that is both brilliant and elegant.

These, among other associated benefits, are some of the reasons why you might consider a low poly art style in your designs.

What we really do

Low poly graphic design is just one of the many styles of graphic design we can provide for all of your marketing needs. Whether that be a logo for your brand; assets for your website, game or app; business cards, stationary, infographics or more.

We'll create images to grab the attention of your customers to keep them engaged, making it easier for you to gain new consumers and retain existing audiences.

We can provide graphics to run alongside blogs and articles to boost your company’s image. We can also use our low poly illustrations to create slideshows illustrating what your company does, or how your organization helps others.

In addition to Graphic Design, we also offer many other services to help your brand grow. We are happy to work with you on Brand Identity & Logo Design, Website Design & Development, SEO & SEM, Copywriting & Translation, Digital Marketing, Motion Graphics & Animation,  Creative Design Consulting and more.

We can help you meet your needs whether you sell products, provide services, or you produce informative content for avid readers and viewers, we can help.

The current generation is grabbed by graphics, headlines, and content that is short and informative.

By using the unique look of low poly illustrations along with our other services, you can grab their attention and keep it, helping you meet your goals.

Is Print Really Dying?
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"To write means more than putting pretty words on a page, the act of writing is to share a part of your soul with the world" Author Unknown
Print. Many refer to is as a “dying industry”, but it most definitely has aspects that are not replaceable no matter how technologically dependent society becomes. Yes, the days of the phone book are obsolete. Google can find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. Yes, many people now read their books on Kindle or other mobile apps. It’s instant, doesn’t collect dust, and it automatically marks what page you left off. Yes, many offices have now gone “paperless”, resorting to emails for all communication and contacts. And the biggest change… the newspaper and magazine. According to the Washington Examiner, “Newspaper circulation dropped 3.3 percent, the worst in the last four years.” Each year fewer newspapers are being printed and read, it’s just that, well… you can find headline news on your smartphone or every time you log into Yahoo, for free. However, that does not mean the print industry itself is diminishing, it merely means the industry is changing, and businesses must switch up their services to meet changing customer demands. There will always be people who will choose the printed word out of preference, or necessity. Believe it or not, not everyone has a computer or smartphone! Therefore, the print industry can not be written off just yet, and here’s why.
Newspaper Circulation Drop Chart

You say you don’t need the “print shop?”

Those people, who were once printing all your brochures and paper goods, they’re the specialists in the marketing industry. Guess what they are doing now? Offering all those dying paper advertisements digitally. What was once a face to face, door to door business world, where you were limited to the proximity of distance traveled, has transformed to a global community! The printed flyer has transformed to a digital flyer deliverable via email to more people in under a minute than you could personally visit in a month. Undoubtedly, personal one on one communication and business transactions can never be replaced by synthetic transactions. But, thanks to the internet, many customer bases have been opened worldwide, and for that, businesses are all grateful.
Print to Digital

Sure, your office may be “paperless”, but your business still needs print services.

Are you heading to a trade show, networking at a social event, or interviewing for new recruits? Giving someone a tangible item with your business imprinted on it is the greatest way to have a prospective client remember you. From a basic business card to a “freebie”, consumers LOVE free stuff! According to Time Magazine's article titled “5 Ways Companies Win by Giving Stuff Away”, the power of giveaways are strong. When consumers are given something, they respond in a host of surprising ways, although most are unconscious and psychological, ”the net result is often that the companies handing out freebies are rewarded well for their generosity”. Nothing digital can replace that.
Promotional Canvas Tote Bag with Pinebee Creative Logo
Promotional Shirt with Pinebee Creative Logo

The modern print shop.

If you are a business in today’s day and age, you will need a website, with quality content, as well as upkeep with blogging and fresh articles. This is the new “print” that has been added on to, and in some cases replacing, the old “print”. Some things you must leave to the trained professionals. The quality of your products and a good knowledge of your consumer audience count when you are branding yourself and your business. Top quality representation of your business is a must. Whether it be a digital website or newsletter, tangible brochure, business card, or engraved item, the proper presentation of these items show that you are a serious player in the field, and that you take your business seriously.

Some may say that the print industry is dying, but that is not the case. Print is still needed, and in many aspects, it is in more demand than ever. The industry is just evolving to meet and match the world’s digital transition.

Entrusting all your digital and tangible “print” needs to the professionals could be a great boost for your business. 
Scene with Latte, Donuts and other promotional items with logo for coffeehouse
Bags of Coffee with Coffeehouse Logo